duration: 1 Hour

*all prices are subject to change

All activity cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to scheduled date/time for full refund. No exceptions.


Come parasail with us and see what Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, and Perdido Key has to offer from 400 feet in the air (the highest allowed by FAA regulations). From your vantage point you’ll be able to spot stingray, dolphin, sea turtles, boats, and other beachgoers. Parasailing offers amazing views from the air that allow you to see scenic views that can rarely be seen by any other way than planes! Soar through the air and have the time of your life side-by-side with up to two others. Our boat can hold up to 12 people to allow for us have large parties experience the Gulf at once. Through our 8 years of business and over 20,000 flights flown on average per year, we have a 100% safety record that we hold dear to our heart. Our first responsibility is your safety and also creating an adventure you will remember for a lifetime!

Reservations aren’t required to become a parasailer, but are highly recommended. Flights launch every hour and half hour. In addition, if you have friends who want to watch they can join us on the boat for an additional charge. We make it easy to ensure you have a spot available whenever you want! All you have to do is book online and show up to fly high in the sky whenever you decided to book your experience to see the Gulf from a new view.


How high do we fly? 

We fly at the Max Height allowed by FAA (400 ft).

How long are flights? 

Generally 8-10 minutes.

How often are your ropes replaced? 

All of our ropes are replaced every month.

How experienced are your captains? 

All of our captains have been flying for a minimum of 10 years…Remember if we don’t fly our kids we don’t fly you or yours.

What is the minimum age requirement? 

4 years old and above.

How many people can you fly at once? 

There is a 3 person max (as long as it doesn’t exceed 450 – 500 lbs)

How many people do the boats hold?

All our boats hold a minimum of 12 people.

How long has Chute for the Skye been in business? 

We have been in business for 8 years!

What is Chute for the Skye’s safety record?

CFTS has a 100% safety record with over 20,000 flights flown a year.

251-979-2475 or 251-979-9016 Parasailing
251-981-2527 Pontoon Boats, Paddleboards, Kayaks